He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Poster
Directed by
  • Matt Ahrens
  • Lubomir Arsov
  • Armen Melkonian
  • Ricardo Curtis

Produced by
  • Adam Bonnett
  • Susan Corbin
  • Ricardo Curtis
  • Robert David
  • Christopher Keenan
  • Wes Lui
  • Jeff Matsuda
  • Fred Soulie
  • Rebecca Swift
  • Rory McKinnon
  • Leo Martin

Screenplay by
  • Robert David
  • Peter Binswanger
  • Heath Corson
  • Amanda Deibert
  • Keely MacDonald

Music by
  • Michael Kramer

Production Company
  • Mattel Television

Distributed by
  • Netflix Animation

Edited by
  • Matt Ahrens
  • Justine Eliasson
  • Jordan Janus
  • Annellie Rose Samuel

  • English

  • United States

  • Action
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Animation

  • "We have the Power!"

Where to watch
  • Netflix




He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (2021)

Quick Review

This isn't a proper He-Man reboot and it never will be. The CGI animation, the radically changed characters and the substantially different story just don't fit. Then again that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad series. On the contrary it's quite a good show. The dialogue's pretty smooth, the story can be quite interesting and the writing is better than most recent animated shows on Netflix. This really comes down to your personal preferences, I advocate checking it out and see if you can get behind this series because it can be pretty fun.


Visuals 6/10 Good

To be frank, CGI animation and He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe just don't mix. Having 2D animation just seems to be a fundamental pillar of a He-Man reboot. But then again the quality of the animation really wasn't that bad, I quite like the character designs and the general animation, although the 2D dust effects seemed unnatural and may bother you.

Sound 7/10 Great

The soundtrack was better than I thought, having an interesting theme. But the opening theme is a toss of the coin, some people may detest it but some may like it. It can be obnoxious but is superbly catchy (which can translate to annoyingly catchy). But in general the music in this show was above average and quite enjoyable.

Cast 8/10 Excellent

This cast was really nice, with solid voice-acting on all parts. Ben Diskin who played Skeletor was my personal favorite, but it was a close competition between the other cast members. The worst was probably Judy Alice-Lee who played Krass but even then she wasn't horribly bad. Sometimes the voice-acting can be pretty cheesy and the lines a bit unimaginative. That may be my only criticism.

Fluidity 6/10 Good

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe is quite smooth, not the smoothest show I've ever watched as it started off pretty slow but from then on it took off and got better towards the end. The show seemed to speed up and slow down constantly, making the viewer a bit restless at times, some will be affected by this more than others for sure.

Execution 6/10 Good

The execution of this show is mediocre. It really just doesn't seem like a He-Man reboot, it's a complete reimagining. It should be a side-grade of the original series geared instead of a direct successor. It's like a quality shoe that doesn't fit. When going in to this series don't expect the same atmosphere as the original He-Man but instead except an amusing reimagining.


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Yuri Lowenthal
Prince Adam
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Kimberly Brooks
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David Kaye
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Judy Alice Lee
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Antony Del Rio
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Ben Diskin
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Grey DeLisle
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Roger Craig Smith
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Tom Kenny
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Trevor Devall

In Depth

This show is not for definitely everyone, the irregular pacing, the fairly two dimensional characters and the childish nature can be rightfully off putting to many people. But to others who may enjoy this style it can be very pleasing. The format of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe reminds me heavily of Voltron. The excessive transformation sequences and the writing are difficult not to relate to something akin to Voltron. This can be good or bad depending how you relate to either. Someone may detest the simple story and others may cherish the snappy humor or the action-driven development. The second thing about He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe is that it isn't really He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. It is only He-Man on paper becasue in practise it truly feels like a different show. The characters have been heavily overhauled, some to the point of being unrecognisable. This could be a major upset for fans who wanted a more rigid and orthodox reboot of the show instead of a full reimagining. If you are looking for a proper reboot of He-Man be sure to abandon all hope at the opening because you will not find such a thing here. Treat the show as a complete reimagining and go along with the flow. The animation was fine, but in my opinion a He-Man reboot isn't He-Man reboot unless it's in 2D animation, that style just seems foundational to He-Man, though the CGI animation grows on you as you progress through the show. The only large grievance that I hold against the visuals are 2D effects littered throughout it. They really come off as low quality and low effort, it was especially annoying becasue they disturbed the visual depth of the show, causing the effects to look like they were plastered on the screen. 3D effects would be a much better fit, judging by the few times they were used during the show. The cast was much better than I thought it would be in nearly every sense, I sensed the voice-acting was going to be torturous coupled with some agonising writing. But I was pleasantly surprised when the voice-acting really entertained me. The writing too was pretty interesting, it may take a while to hook you but it does the trick eventually. I would definitely recommend this series if you enjoy action centred entertainment and CGI animation, it's a fine show that would be fun to quickly watch in your free time.


Prince Adam of Eternia crosses paths with a magical sword, through it he unlocks the Power of Grayskull and transforms in to He-Man protector of the realm. Together with his team of heroes he must defend the land against his uncle Prince Keldor and his forces of evil. Though apart they are weak together they are The Masters Of The Universe and will protect the innocent at all costs against their dastardly foes.

Season Reviews

Season 1 7/10 Great

This season started off pretty slow, with the first half of it feeling dull, but as you go through it it slowly gains momentum. The second half of the season is where it really picks up and gets a bit more exiting. I was impressed by this season and how the show was put together so far and especially Skeletor who they developed quite well.


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Fun Fact #1

Animation for the series is done by House of Cool and CGCG, which worked on Trollhunters and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Fun Fact #2

This is the first version of Skeletor that doesn't wear a cape since the originial.

Fun Fact #3

This is the first time He-Man has been depicted in CGI.