Jungle Cruise Poster
Directed by
  • Jaume Collet-Serra

Produced by
  • John Davis
  • Beau Flynn
  • John Fox
  • Larry Franco
  • Dany Garcia
  • Hiram Garcia
  • Petra Holtorf
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Douglas C. Merrifield
  • Lacey Darlene Paulson
  • Scott Sheldon
  • David H. Venghaus Jr.

Screenplay by
  • Michael Green
  • Glenn Ficarra
  • John Requa

Music by
  • James Newton Howard

Production Company
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Davis Entertainment
  • Seven Bucks Productions
  • Flynn Picture Company

Distributed by
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Edited by
  • Joel Negron

Running Time
  • 127 minutes

  • $200000000

Box Office
  • $187000000

  • English

  • United States

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Fantasy

  • N/A

Where to watch
  • Disney Plus




Jungle Cruise (2021)

Quick Review

Definitely not the greatest film Disney has released, it's quite a letdown to be frank (No pun intended). Jungle Cruise honestly feels like a not so subtle copy of Pirates of the Caribbean without its creativity. The characters are not epic, falling into some predictable stereotypes. The CGI falls short, feeling exceedingly unconvincing at some times. In spite of this mediocrity Jungle Cruise manages to be pretty entertaining at times and serves as a simple movie to offhandedly watch.


Visuals 6/10 Good

The models and backgrounds in Jungle Cruise have graphics that regularly sink into the uncanny valley of CGI. Close to being realistic yet having fatal flaws that make it look almost look plastic. But except for the some of the below average sets and slight rubber looking animals, the visuals aren't that bad.

Sound 6/10 Good

The lack of an epic score throughout this film makes its appeal wane, if it duplicates Pirates of the Caribbean recipe they should at least include a legendary theme such as "He's a Pirate" or anything close. The soundtrack is pretty lacklustre having the conventional adventure tunes. But there was an instrumental of "Nothing Else Matters" which was quite good. But do not expect anything amazing.

Cast 7/10 Great

The cast of this show is pretty solid, mostly held up by Dwayne Johnson and Jesse Plemons. I must give slight props to Emily Blunt as she somehow reined her character in from being unlikeable towards the end of the film. The best would probably be Jesse Plemons who played Prince Joachim was quite entertaining with his role as an exaggerated German villain.

Fluidity 6/10 Good

This movie begun horridly, introducing the main character Lily as a 20th century woman who wants to break social norms and be a scientist. This trope is one of the worst in film and almost never done properly. But slowly the film gets better, some parts make no sense and some are entirely unnecessary but it's tolerable most of the time. Just ignore the grating jokes on a woman wearing pants.

Execution 5/10 Mediocre

Jungle Cruise could definitely be better in my opinion. The movie should have focused on the the storytelling, soundtrack and SFX instead of complaining about the lack of inclusivity during the early 20th century. Because of these flaws it falls short of its potential, becoming a second-rate film. I would expect more from Disney, especially in the CGI department.


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Dwayne Johnson
Frank Wolff
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Emily Blunt
Dr. Lily Houghton
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Jack Whitehall
MacGregor Houghton
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Jesse Plemons
Prince Joachim
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Edgar Ramírez
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Paul Giamatti

In Depth

Jungle Cruise really felt like a half hearted copy of Pirates of the Caribbean, or at least it unquestionably was borne from the Pirates of the Caribbean recipe. This is not necessarily the issue because even a duplicate can be close or even better than the original, but that can only be achieved when the duplicate brings new ideas to the table and/or fixes what the original did wrong. Jungle Cruise unfortunately does not do either of those. It follows the Pirates fo the Caribbean formula without the epic cast, the comedy, the storyline or the magnificent soundtrack. This causes it to fall in to the pit of mediocrity along with the slew of other films about The Rock in a jungle. The random attention on Lily (Emily Blunt) wearing pants (Because women were expected to wear dresses at the time) was unassuming especially since it was used every twenty seconds. The storyline is remarkably similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean, complete with cursed Spaniards with bodies are melded with the environment and cannot venture far from water (Its hilarious how Jungle Cruise resembles Pirates of the Caribbean). But I appreciate the twist concerning Frank and the conquistadors. The music was quite a letdown, I was at least excepting a lovely tropical adventure theme to accompany the film, instead we got a pretty weak soundtrack, though I loved the addition of "Nothing Else Matters" during Frank's flashback scene and it was the best part of the movie in my opinion, as it controls the mood and nature of the memory perfectly. Sometimes having multiple different character racing for the same goal is useful for a film's fluidity by making it more exciting, cutting out filler and keeping the audience glued to the screen. Jungle Cruise seems to invest too little time in its antagonists and too much in irrelevant sections. The characters weren't amazing to be honest, Lily was probably the worst of the bunch, for the beginning and middle of the movie she was stuck in the "rule breaking woman" stereotype and made her seem pretty unlikable until her character started branching off from later in the film. Her brother isn't up to snuff either, the humour of him being more girly than his sister could be seen from a mile away, he seemed quite unnecessary in my opinion. The main villain was probably my favourite, a German Prince played by Jesse Plemos. His acting was surprisingly amusing, his interactions with his henchmen was also fun. Jungle Cruise obviously profits heavily upon The Pirates of The Caribbean story. Because it doesn't add anything more to its formula and takes quite a lot of the magic out of it, the movie falls quite short of its superior. But even so the film is quite amusing at times and may function as a fun little movie to watch in between bigger films.


An intrepid scientist, Lily (Emily Blunt), and her brother MacGregor must find the Tears of the Moon, a tree with leafs that can cure any disease and ailment. The tree though is somewhere along the gargantuan Amazon River and thus Lily employs Frank, a skilled guide to help them track it down. Facing cannibals, undead Spaniards, German soldiers and the Amazon itself. They must brave these foes and come out on top for the things bigger than themselves.


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Fun Fact #1

Many of the puns are taken directly from the Jungle Cruise ride at the Disney Parks.

Fun Fact #2

The main theme in the opening is an instrumental version of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters". It can be heard sometimes throughout the movie.

Fun Fact #3

There are several elements from the park attraction featured in the trailer. The most notable is the "back side of water" gag that most of the cast members use during the attraction.

Fun Fact #4

The arrowhead was discovered by "Dr. Albert Falls." This is a reference to a joke often used by skippers on the theme park ride: "These are the famous Schweitzer Falls, named for their discoverer: Dr. Albert Falls."

Fun Fact #5

Frank tells Lily that he made a boat naming it Quila as the moon goddess. The real name is Quilla, the moon goddess in Quechua and Inca culture.

Fun Fact #6

The guard Lily overpowers near the start of the film is Emily Blunt's real-life brother, Sebastian Blunt.