Centaurworld Poster
Directed by
  • Jen Bennett
  • Christina Manrique
  • Jeremy Polgar
  • Katie Shanahan
  • Megan Nicole Dong

Produced by
  • Dominic Bisignano
  • Melissa Cobb
  • Megan Nicole Dong

Screenplay by
  • Megan Nicole Dong
  • Jen Bardekoff
  • Todd Casey
  • Amalia Levari
  • Minty Lewis
  • Aminder Dhaliwal
  • Ryan Harer
  • Meghan McCarthy
  • Jessie Wong

Music by
  • Toby Chu

Production Company
  • Netflix Animation
  • Sketchshark Productions

Distributed by
  • Netflix Animation

Edited by
  • R. Chett Hoffman
  • Rachael Russakoff
  • Dave Woody
  • Miguel Jimenez
  • Hugo Morales
  • Matthew Winslow
  • Sydney Baldwin

  • English

  • United States

  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Family
  • Fantasy

  • "In Centaurworld!"

Where to watch
  • Netflix




Centaurworld (2021)

Quick Review

Centaurworld is a mess, a jumbled disorganised mess. The characters are painfully one dimensional, the comedy is abysmal and the plot desperately tries to be serious yet never actually is serious about that. This show seems like an unpleasant rip-off of Trolls, to the extent that you could exactly match up most of the main characters to their Trolls counterparts. Kimiko Glenn's voice acting at Horse is dubious at best and awful at worst. I would not recommend this if you are searching for something witty or interesting watch.


Visuals 6/10 Good

The animation is quite good to the extent of the literal art quality. But the show does nothing with its visuals, following the basic patterns of a "quirky" TV show. This causes it to sink in to the swamp of mediocrity. The sudden animation changes, which are commonly found in shows of this sort for comedic value, are terribly overused and predictable to a shocking extent.

Sound 6/10 Good

Centaurworld is riddled with moments the characters erupt in to song and dance. These songs are sometimes quite impressive and fun, but the rest of them are pretty boring and sometimes be unnatural by running against the grain of the story or characters. This combination of the occasional good songs yet having a lot poor tunes gives a really rushed feel to the show.

Cast 4/10 Bad

The Centaurworld cast is not horrible but it's not epic. This would be the case if not for Horse voiced by Kimiko Glenn. Her acting was insanely forced to a degree that disturbed me to the core of my soul. Her character had no personality while her lines are agonising to hear. Her lines and acting haunt this show profusely, while also majorly stifling her character.

Fluidity 5/10 Mediocre

The humour in this show is lowbrow, very lowbrow. A symphony of simple fart jokes and "quirky" comedy that is drier than hot coal. The story is nowhere as bad as the humour but still finds itself being boring and predictable. The character's reactions and mannerisms to things happening around them make zero sense, defeating any possibility of good character development.

Execution 5/10 Mediocre

Rushed, very rushed. Centaurworld seems very rushed. It comes across as if the show was made a day before the deadline and they casted anyone they could find while scrambling to write ten episodes of content. This show should have been purely for kids without any of its "dark" (notice the quotations) themes. But Netflix bit more than they could chew.


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Kimiko Glenn
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Megan Hilty
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Megan Nicole Dong
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Chris Diamantopoulos
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Jessie Mueller

In Depth

Centaurworld has no followthrough. This ugly fact emerges itself in nearly every aspect of the show. The story is probably the most obvious appearance of this issue. Centaurworld attempts to don a wacky and fun exterior while housing a darker interior making it enjoyable for both young and older audiences. This sadly fails because of the lack of followthrough, every time the story takes deeper turn it instantly manages to dilute it by removing any stakes to the situation.A perfect example of this is at the beginning when the herd of centaurs and Horse (Kimiko Glenn), get confronted by a type of storm called a Taurnado, which is a living tornado in the shape of a horse that pursues creatures apparently wanting to add them to its collection of souls. I was quite impressed by the idea and design of the Taurnado, I also loved the song it was singing (excluding Horse's part of the song). This could have been the first introduction to the grimmer aspects of the series but Horse the main character, instead of recognising it as a danger and trying to get past it, she decides to prance around the Taurnado's hooves as it chases her, ignoring basic laws of physics while her friends desperately struggled to escape its gale winds for afar. Then after the artefact Horse was guarding flies off her neck and gets caught on a tree her friend, Glendale (Megan Nicole Dong) tries to retrieve it gets sucked in to the storm. Then when I was actually getting impressed by the weight of this situation another one of the centaurs shoots tiny clones of herself into the huge storm which coincidentally was in the exact place to knocked Glendale out. Then attempting to rescue her once she was out of the storm, Horse kicks the whole group in to the storm which somehow kills the Taurnado. There was so much wrong with this scene. First of all the motivations of Horse are incomprehensible as instead of actually trying to quickly pass the Taurnado to her next goal she irresponsibly runs around its legs. Secondly the literal physics in the scene make no sense as Horse is not affected by the giant storm right by her while her friends far away are grappling to stay in the same place, let alone move. Next there was no sense in how Glendale was rescued so easily. Finally Horse kicking all her "friends" into what from her perspective seemed like insane danger for them. This final point could have been used to its full potential as it would reveal that she didn't care about her friends in Centaurworld and would set up some interesting character development, but this was squandered immensely. Most importantly there was absolutely no stakes in this situation. This reveals itself throughout Centaurworld even the literal character arcs. If that scene had followthrough the Taurnado would be an actual threat that would be taken seriously by Horse and not be overly simple to defeat. Thus Centaurworld fails prey to a simple curse, it tries to be serious but is never serious about that.


Horse (Nikito Glenn), a skilled warrior steed, gets transported to a magical realm of goofy happiness by an unknown artefact. When she was teleported she left her rider (Jessie Mueller) in a world plagued by war. In this new realm Horse meets five joyful and goofy centaurs and they go with Horse on a quest to reunite her with Rider and possibly save the worlds.

Season Reviews

Season 1 4/10 Bad

The first season of Centaurworld is in shambles. It is muddled and everywhere. The storytelling is garbage, spending way too little time on the overarching story and way too much on fruitless character development if you can even call it that. Too much yet too little was in this season, it was quite chaotic. Sadly it could have been prevented with a bit of patience on the part of the creators.


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Fun Fact #1

Even trees and mountains in Centaurworld are centaurs.

Fun Fact #2

Glendale is probably basen on a gerenuk, also known as a giraffe gazelle.