Kid Cosmic Poster
Directed by
  • Craig McCracken
  • Sean V. Jeffrey
  • Justin Nichols
  • Rob Renzetti
  • Dave Thomas
  • Benjamin Balistreri
  • Paul Watling

Produced by
  • Craig McCracken
  • Jacob W. Fleming
  • Laurens Fein
  • Melissa Cobb
  • Clint Eland
  • Rob Renzetti
  • Dave Thomas
  • Lauren Talbot
  • Kathleen Zuelch
  • Kevin Seccia

Screenplay by
  • Craig McCracken
  • Lienne Sawatsky
  • Kevin Seccia
  • Daniel Williams
  • Francisco Angones
  • Lauren Faust
  • Rob Renzetti
  • Paul Watling
  • Justin Nichols
  • Heidi Foss
  • Christine Mitchell
  • Alex Hirsch
  • Todd Casey
  • Amy Higgins
  • Ben Joseph
  • Timothy McKeon
  • Dave Thomas

Music by
  • Andy Bean

Production Company
  • CMCC Cartoons
  • Netflix Animation

Distributed by
  • Netflix Animation

Edited by
  • Jay Wade Edwards
  • Nico Colaleo

  • English

  • United States

  • Sci-Fi
  • Action
  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Family
  • Superhero

  • They're the good guys... but they're really bad at it!

Where to watch
  • Netflix




Kid Cosmic (2021)

Quick Review

By far one of the best animated shows Netflix has squeezed out. Sporting gorgeous animation and a cozy atmosphere. The story was surprisingly captivating and creative while backing it up with loveable and interesting characters. The soundtrack is electric with it's retro tunes keeping your ears as impressed as your eyes. If you're looking for a unique and charming take on a ragtag superhero team, Kid Cosmic is for you.


Visuals 9/10 Epic

The animation is incredible, the low frame-rate and the warm feel make it a joy to watch. The hand drawn style gives it friendly feel reinforcing the small town spirit. The backdrops are lovely, the character design is smashing and the movement is engaging. This show is an absolutely eye buffet in one of the best ways possible.

Sound 8/10 Excellent

The retro high energy mix of bluegrass and rock is awesome, it does an amazing job of keeping you glued to the screen and pumps the mood of the show. The deviation from the usual heroic tunes give a new feel to it making the ragtag superheroes seem even more amateur-like and novel.

Cast 8/10 Excellent

The casting was quite impressive, with delightful characters with wholesome interactions and a sweet group dynamic. None of the voice acting in the show sounded forced and the characters are extremely loveable which is fairly rare these days.

Fluidity 7/10 Great

The fluidity in this show is pretty great, excusing a few illogical moments. The twists are and one or two completely take you by surprise. The dialogue is what holds up this score because of the engaging interactions between characters.

Execution 8/10 Excellent

This show is extremely well done considering it's made by Netflix. It is an excellent show with beautiful graphics and fun sound. The balance between its wacky nature and more grim tones is near perfect making the show seem comical yet real. The use of episodes and team development is impressive and well done making the team even more endearing.


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Jack Fisher
Minions poster
Amanda CĂ©line Miller
Minions poster
Keith Ferguson
Papa G
Minions poster
Lily Rose Silver
Minions poster
Kim Yarbrough
Minions poster
Jason Hightower
Biker in Black

In Depth

Kid Cosmic is a staple example of a good animated show. It has memorable characters, a smart story and an amazing atmosphere. The story was unstable in the sense that it was pretty difficult to predict what would happen next, this was a bit of a con in some facets as the show seemed a bit erratic but for the most part this gave the show exactly what it needed, a unique spin on the regular superhero team narrative to separate it from the herd. It leaned in to that by nearly making the show a satire on the generic superhero tale. The characters are especially endearing, having them come from a wide variety of ages gives it rich chemistry. The distinctive characters like Rosa or Papa G also contribute to its odd greatness, those two especially lit up the show. The soundtrack is amazing, its retro feel unites all the different tracks, it makes does a pretty epic job of accessorizing the gleaming animation. The only real criticisms of the show is that it can sometimes be convenient and it has few moments that are painful illogically. But the atmosphere of this show was absolutely golden, it feels very comfy for the lack of a better word. The use of colors was impressive in this series, the warm colors used for the Earthling characters versus the bright neons used for extraterrestrials and the cosmic rings. This show is another impressive work by Craig McCracken and a must to watch.


Kid Cosmic (Jack Fisher) a lively boy living in a small roadside town finds five cosmic stones. His dream finally came true, he became a superhero! Now in regular superhero fashion he must recruit a worthy team to defend Earth from invading aliens. Sadly the talent pool in his town is lacking, so a giant toddler, a teleporting teen, some old dudes and a prophetic cat will have to do.

Season Reviews

Season 1 8/10 Excellent

Season 1 was quite unpredictable with interesting episodes. The show managed to fit a bunch in ten episodes while keeping the audience on their toes, by branching off from the normal superhero storyline, keeping it uncertain yet easy and fun to follow. Setting up for an epic space adventure.


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Fun Fact #1

This is Craig McCracken's first series to utilize a serialized narrative.

Fun Fact #2

Jo is named after the coffee she serves at her mom's diner.

Fun Fact #3

The letters on the Demon Dog's collar spell ERTH.

Fun Fact #4

Rosa has dinosaur pyjamas, referencing Godzilla.