How to Train Your Dragon Poster
Directed by
  • Chris Sanders
  • Dean DeBlois

Produced by
  • Bonnie Arnold

Screenplay by
  • Will Davis
  • Dean DeBlois

Music by
  • John Powell

Production Company
  • DreamWorks Animation

Distributed by
  • Paramount Pictures

Edited by
  • Darren Holmes
  • Maryann Brandon

Running Time
  • 98 minutes

  • $165

Box Office
  • $495

  • English

  • United States

  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Family

  • "One adventure will change two worlds"

Where to watch
  • Netflix




How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Quick Review

A true paragon of animation. This movie was carefully designed to transfer you to another world, its magnificent visuals paired with its phenomenal soundtrack achieves this goal perfectly. How to Train Your Dragon is an epic tale and quite probably DreamWorks' greatest creation. The story is impressive with enchanting characters and engaging dialogue. While watching How to Train Your Dragon you are reduced to a child, your wonder and sense of adventure take over and by the end of the film you cannot help wishing for a dragon of your own.


Visuals 10/10 Legendary

The animation models are outstanding. This movie has some of the best 3D designs in all of animation because of the subtly attention to detail, from the furs of Hiccup's vest to the strands in Toothless' retina and all in between. But the cinematography is what really gives this movie its soul. This movie uses literally every cinematic trick in the book to give you wings and teach you how to fly.

Sound 10/10 Legendary

To say the soundtrack of this film is breathtaking would be a gross understatement. The themes of each character exemplify each of them flawlessly. The sound in this movie is the lightning that gave it its life. This show boasts impeccable scores such as "Test Drive" or "Astrid's Theme" that gorgeously accompany the graphics, taking you on a journey that you could never forget.

Cast 8/10 Excellent

Jay Baruchel is the perfect cast for Hiccup, illustrating his awkward nature paired with his drive to prove himself to his father. The casting in this film was impressive each actor giving their respective characters a unique personality and feel. The characters match their voices uncannily and emotions are conveyed superbly. The voice acting is consistently excellent.

Fluidity 9/10 Epic

The opening to this movie is unmatched. The ingenious use of the beautiful and unique themes plunging the viewer into a spellbinding world of dragons. The interactions with each character are short, concise and effective, letting the movie envelop you further into its magical realm. This movie flowed remarkably well closing to a stupendous finale and ending with as much power as it begun.

Execution 10/10 Legendary

The execution of this film is outstanding. It is meant to thrust you into another world while telling you a story of brotherhood. It does that and much, much more. This film was the perfect storm of visuals and sound, paired with a smashing story and a killer cast. This show doesn't just take you to a realm of imagination. It deals a powerful blow to reality, even reigniting a spark within.


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In Depth

How to Train Your Dragon is a masterpiece. This film's main tools to conquer reality is a blend of astounding cinematography and an incredible soundtrack. The visuals were used to a superb degree throughout the movie, but where they truly excelled was during aerial scenes. The use of birds eye shots to contrast Toothless' dark silhouette against the dark blue ocean, sunlit clouds or birds in the distance is captivating. This movie boasts some of the cleanest transitions I've ever seen, switching between wildly different camera angles without the viewer even noticing because the flying sequence flows so naturally. The "Romantic Flight" scene was particularity magical, flying across majestic clouds and exploring the sky, the silky shots motion of the camera and the perplexing angles cause you to loose sense of which way is up or down making it even more serene by evoking a sense of being lost in the heavens. That is just one small example of the brilliant cinematography in this movie. The sound though is what really makes this movie rare. I would go as far to say that this film boasts the best overall original soundtrack of the 21st century. This movie has plethora of original themes where each and every one of them is exemplary, many movies and shows have one incredible score but it is rare for a movie to have such a catalogue of striking music. The use of sound during "Test Drive", what could be films greatest part was ultimate demonstration of this. During it, Hiccup was flying Toothless for the first time in open air using a guide he wrote down, but during the excitement of escaping the chains of gravity and unlocking the sky, he managed to lose his cheat sheet. Thus he plummeted to the ground with Toothless and without his guide he had to maneuver though an outcropping of rock stacks. During this dire situation Hiccup had to completely let go of his fear and work in tandem with Toothless. The themes of both Hiccup and Toothless merged during this scene to create the astounding "Test Drive" which combined two powerful scores, creating something that is truly unparalleled. The product of the two themes combining though is so unrecognisable from the originals that you could never tell that it was created from them. The music is this film is legendary, that is all I have to say. The cast in How To Train Your Dragon is quite impressive, nearly every voice was a perfect match for their characters and helped the film flow beautifully. This movie focuses on exactly what it needs to to accomplish its goal of submerging you into a fantastic world of dragons, concentrating on a lethal mix of visuals and sound too incapacitate reality for the length of the film. From the sensational opening to the wondrous flights to the mesmerising angles to the captivating action to the tremendous scores and to the brilliant ending, How to Train Your Dragon is unbelievable. How to Train Your Dragon is a masterpiece.


Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), a weak unassuming Viking, trying his best to prove himself to his father Stoick the Vast (Gerald Butler) longs to finally make a name of himself by killing a dragon. In the middle of a dragon attack he catches a glimpse of the Night Fury, a dragon nobody has ever seen and lived to tell the tale, he takes a shot in the dark and brings it down in a nearby forest. When Hiccup goes to check on the dragon he gets a unique chance to kill a Night Fury and become one of the most respected vikings in Berk but for some reason he lets the dragon free and the Night Fury gets a chance to kill Hiccup but doesn't. Later he finds out that in the dragon's crash he lost a tail fin that makes him unable to fly. So the two must work together to create something bigger than themselves.


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Fun Fact #1

This is my favorite movie of all time!

Fun Fact #2

Toothless is inspired by a axolotl, a bat, a small bird of prey and a DreamWorks employee's wallpaper of a black panther.

Fun Fact #3

Stoick is 7 feet 2 inches tall.

Fun Fact #4

Toothless' hesitation in the famous touch scene was originally an animation error.

Fun Fact #5

The film is based on a book of the same name but the book and the movie are significantly different.

Fun Fact #6

Hiccup is left-handed.